About The Comic

Civilian is a Pulp Era inspired comic. While Civilian is my love letter to comics and the messages that they spread I wanted to write a character that didn’t fit into the Superhero or Antihero models but that would still play in a similar world. I created Civilian as a character that anyone could see themselves as. You could step right into his shoes and do what he does.

When Jensen Wade’s life begins to fall apart, he stumbles his way into something that he could never have imagined and may never escape.

Key Characters… so far.


Jensen Wade: Jensen, 26 years old, has worked his entire adult life toward making it in film production. After the production company “Crossing Studios” went belly up after a making an overly expensive film flop, he has found himself in a tight place financially.




Natalie Singer: Natalie, works as a Nurse at Crossing City General Hospital. She recently moved into Jensen’s loft in the North Hills area of Crossing City.