1) Civilian got its first comics podcast review this week, in a “Horizons Watch” episode over on the Digital Strips podcast. You can go give it a listen here:

Pretty good overall. Glad to see people are picking up on what I’m trying to do with the writing. That makes me happy haha.

2) No update this week. If you haven’t noticed. It’s ok, bare with me. I’m saving this weeks update to use as a bit of a buffer. It’s a good thing to have. I figured there couldn’t be a better time then after the first story arc. Also remember, to get notified of updates when they happen…twitter, facebook, G+ links in the side bar. Much like youtube subscriptions, likes and follows on social networks reeeally does help the comic.

Also, we cracked 50 likes on Facebook! Next stop 100!? If you haven’t, you know what to do.


Right now, I’m polishing the second issue script. It’s not that I haven’t finished it…I’ve rewritten it three times. I just haven’t been happy with it but it’s all starting to fill itself out. The first issue was very much an homage to old books that got me into comics. For a long time I actually debated if I even wanted to do this first issue or if I should just start further into the future of the story. Book two starts to give a taste of what you’re really in for.

Also, I’m working on adding content to the site. I’m going to be adding a proper “new reader” section and adding other areas like character profiles and a few other cool additions.

There are a few other things I’m debating doing but I’m going to keep those secret for the time being.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading so far!