Hey, I’m Dustin, I created and write Civilian. It’s been a labour of love to make Civilian over the last couple of years. It had been a long time dream of mine to be able to create a comic series and now that I’ve had a taste of this world, I don’t want to stop. There’s an entire world designed around Civilian that I hope to be able to explore.

The downside to being 100% creator owned, which basically means that the project is payed for out of pocket, is that I’m restricted by my budget. As a nightshift grocery store employee, that budget is pretty low. That’s the reason the comic is weekly, released in black and white, and even goes on hiatus at times. A black and white, 23 page, issue of Civilian costs me around $1050… not counting hosting/domain.

So, if you guys are liking the comic and you want to support its creation, there are a number of ways you can help out!

Support our Patreon Campaign:

I put patreon first on the list because rising in the ranks of comic sales isn’t the most important thing to me. What’s important to me is knowing that we’ll always be able to create the next issue of the comic. It let’s us know exactly how much we’ll receive once an issue is completed, we don’t forfeit 50% of the sale to a distributor, and it lets us send the standard/deluxe DRM-Free PDF downloads directly to backers. We have some other nice perks as well and I plan to add more as the comic grows and as I think of them! Also, on average, our comics are over 50% cheaper on Patreon then on Comixology. You can check out our page here:

Patreon – Civilian Comic

Social Media:

Arguably, just as important, if not more important is spreading the word on Civilian. On my own, admittedly, I’m terrible at this. Comic readers are weary folk who don’t like to try new things. That sounds like a jab but the stats are there… it’s a fact. So, liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter really goes a long way. Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd. Screaming crowds also draw crowds… so you know… I wouldn’t stop you from screaming about Civilian. Fan art would be pretty cool too, just saying.

Facebook – Civilian Comic
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If you like buying things for double the price, four months after they’re completed… provided I submit them moderately after finishing them, then Comixology is the option for you! I kid, sort of. While charted sales are important for climbing the lists, they’re not the most important thing but they definitely help. So, if Comixology is your jam, then by all means use that service! You can find our books here:

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